And there were 10!

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And there were 10! Empty And there were 10!

Post  BenTennyson on Sun Apr 12, 2009 1:40 pm

• Wildmutt
• Fourarms
• Grey Matter
• XLR8
• Upgrade
• Stinkyfly
• Ripjaws
• Diamondhead
• Ghostfreak
• Heatblast

It's hero time! Welcome to Ben 10 Arena ~ Official Forum of Ben 10!
BenTennyson returns to the arena and the villains were scared of him! Because Ben can transform to Fourarms to smash them up! Gwen is not here, because she and grandpa, I mean MaxTennyson went to the school for Gwen's exam result. I hope her exam result will be wost!

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